Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a day it was!

I was supposed to start my plan today, but...... Few things happened and I was forced to go to work for leak emergency. I was stuck there much longer then anticipated. By the time I left work, I was tired, stressed and out of food choices. So it wasnt the day! But.... I still managed to get to GNC and buy a 3 pounds tub of low carb Isopure chocolate dutch shake and low carb chocolate milk, whcih would compose my shakes! So today is the day! Ok. I feel that I havent quite explained why I decided to go with this paticular plan that I called 5 plus one and only plan. I am a very complex person by nature, and gemini by sign, which makes me to be on extreme ends of the stick. All my life I have endeavored to stay somewhat in the middle, but it ended up being a wishful thinking at least for now. For example, I cant just grab a peace of cake and call it a day. It is much easier for me not to touch it at all, I can do that, but if I grab a peace, hold me tight, because I will devour the whole cake! I tend to be quite an emotional person, and quite an emotional eater. Carbs have always been an emotional blanket for me, my good buddy in times of crisis. Anyway,I dont want to sway too much from the menu plan and go into psycholgy 101. So the plan I chose is:1.Medically proven way to loose weight fast and effective; 2. Is a structured way that retrains the brain to eat for physiological reasons rather than psychological and 3. Will help me loose 70 pounds and reach a dream weight of 160 which I have never seen, but came close once, 4. Be intervied by Jimmy on his podcast ( ok that was a wishful thinking again ). I will take a multivatamin formula along with magnesium, potasium and D3 supplementation. I plan to add a bit of flax seed along with fish oil in my shakes. For one and only meal the plan is to use as much and many healthy ingredient as possible to squeeze into one whole low carb meal. An example( 5 oz salmon steak with brocoli and garlic, sprinkled with 1/2 oz of nuts and garlic clovwith lemon) That is it!


Harry said...

Hello, Vadim.

I'm enjoying your posts so far. They're fun to read because you always add something funny into the mix. :-)

I can understand your reasoning for trying your 5+1 diet. I have a few general thoughts about it. But, I'd rather just be a spectator for now. I'd like to see how it works out for you, as an individual, before I prejudge your plan before you even try it!

For now, I wish you well in your endeavor. I truly hope this strategy turns out to be a healthful and successful plan for you.

I'll keep dropping by and trying to add some encouraging and constructive comments as you begin to post your menus.

Best of luck!


Vadim said...

Thanks, Harry! I appreciate your comment. Stop by again. I am only doing it for 6 weeks, at least thats the plan. I do incorporate one full wholesome meal, including nuts and oils. I will take multi and other macronutrients. A lot of recearch supports it for short term effect. Even Dr Eades does support it for a short boost in weight loss. But if I feel uncomftable to continue, I will definitely drop it. Again, thanks for sharing, and dont hesitate to share your thoughts, even if I disagrre. I am pretty open minded!

Steve L. said...


Low carb works! For me it was a heart healthy diet, and the weight loss was a side effect. When you remove the insulin, you can eat as much as your hunger dictates. It doesn't remove the emotional eating, but it's sure a lot easier to address that when you don't have hunger beating down the door.

Good luck on your journey. I encourage you to gain confidence in the theory when you see it working in real life, and use that for additional motivation to stick to the plan.

Steve L.

Vadim said...

Thank you, Steve!