Friday, November 21, 2008

English could be my first language but it is not! Few short anecdotal liners form my recent trip to ACUI conference( American Colleges Unions Internal

Here we go! My first ever blog entry, oh boy! If anyone told me 20 years ago I would end up living in states, never mind blogging, I would lauph in his or her face! United States of America? I would ask lauphing, no freaking way. I was trained to hate this country, I was brainwashed to believe all different heineous things. I was even trained to practice target shooting at American soldiers when I was a teen in Soviet Union! And now I am a proud citizen of what I believe is the greatest country God gave men! Go figure! Life is trully an amzing journey, isnt it? Ok, that was a very bried introduction to a lot more introductions as I embark on my new found hobby called blogging! Now to my headline which is "English could be my first language but it is not. I recently came back from a trip to an ACUI conference and I want to share few anecdotal liners from this trip. I work at Suny Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NYC as an evening manager in the student life department. We had a summer intern who I got to know quite well. We are both gemini, and that could mean everything and nothing! So saying that, whci means saying nothing, we got to a few heated arguments over everything and over nothing. One time I mentioned that stretching was overrated according to a recent publication I read in New England Journal of Medicine. Karen, our famous summer intern, wanted to chop my head off for daring to say such an insane thing, and so we argued, and argued and argued! And finally I exclaimed " There are only two ways that shed truth on our argument the right way and then there is my way! It come out rather silly and she posted it on our center's board. So recently I saw our famous summer intern again at the conference and we sat at the table with bunch of other administration folks. After conversing about evrything and nothing, Karen, our famous summer intern asked the time as she was awaiting impatiently for her session presentation. I never wore watches or any other piece of jewelry on my body. So I looked at my wrist and said 2 pm. Everyone smiled at the table, knowing there was no watch on my wrist. Karen didnt find it funny and gave me a finger sign, that sign that any person on the planet can regonnize. Then she asked me if I was still with my girlfriend of 4 years, to which I replied " no, we broke up a while back. Karen then asked me how come I dont wear jewelry or ties on my body to whcih I replied' ' I dont like anything on my body jewelry or otherwise as it restricts my freedom! Karen grinned and replied ''That explains why you have hard time keeping a girlfriend! Another one liner from the same conference. I was sitting next to my coworker, awaiting for another educational session to begin when she told me that there was another student on some regional University campus who died of alcohol poisoning on campus, to which I replied" I know the feeling, it happened to me once" ! Short time after that wonderful liner, I went in the cafeteria and waited in the long line to have my low carb omellette made.The guy cooking the omelette looked visibly tired and by the time I came along he was barely standing. He made me a wonderful omelett and said "Enjoy it, to which I promptly replied "You too, man! So, there goes my first ever attempt at blogging, hopefully not the last!

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