Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Menu!

Ok, I am almost ready to watch a football game, Titans vs Lions. i know it is a tradition to play Detroit and Cowboys on thanksgiving day, but lions are really bad. Hope it wont be such a bad game. Then it is off to Turkey. I let my sister entertain us with cooking this year. Usually she is Detroit Lions of cooking. She scares me every time she cooks. She reminds me of a joke I know about turkey. A new russian ( we call rich people in russia New Russians since they accumulted wealth over night ) goes into an expensive restaurant and asks for something extraordinary to impress his newly acquired girlfriend. The waitor recommends chef”s special roasted turkey in an equisite french sause. Minutes later the New Russian calls on a waiter and sais ” Mr your turkey is not properly roasted’ The waiter replies’ Sir but the chief has been roasting those turkey for so many years, why do you say it needs more roasting? New Russian replies ” Becuase while I and my girlfriend turned around to speak with a friend of mine your roasted turkey ate all of our salad! So I hope my sister’s turkey wont be that bad. Happy Turkey Day everybody!

10 am-
2 scoops of Chocolyte protein powder= 150 calories
8 oz of chocolate countdown milk=100 calories
1 teaspoon fish oil= 60 cal

3 pm-
6 oz lamb burger=400 calories
large salad=100 cal
2 tablespoon mayo= 200 calories
1 tablespoon fish oil=120 calories

6 pm-
8 0z turkey meat=300 calories
mushroom spread=250 calories
6 grapes=50 calories
chicken breast in batter=250 calories

10 pm-

sugar-free dark chocolate 3 oz= 600 calories
4 oz cheese=400 calories

12 am-
3 oz ground meat=250 calories
large salad with 2 tablesppon mayo=300 calories

Total calories= 354o calories
Total carb= 50 grams
Total effort= 50%


Harry said...

Hola, Vadim.

Not a bad day really, IMO. If you simply got rid of the the chocolate and cheese snack ... you'd probably be close to a good calorie-range. Are you shooting for a specific caloric range?

Question for you: Did you eat the chocolate because you were hungry or for some other reason?

You didn't mention how your sister's cooking turned out. So, how was it?

My mom's turkey was good - for a second year running! :-)

Vadim said...

The turkey wasnt all that bad. She cooked it in the bag that came with it. I didnt even know but you can buy a large special turkey bag that comes with a popup thermometer and when it is ready you just know it. actually the bird was kind of good! All I ate at the table was bird, salad and musgroom spread. There were a lot of mederation in that there were also russian dishes such as blintes with caviar and pancakes and bunch of other staff wich made me really want to eat it. But I was a good boy or at least tried! Then there were decerts, oh my! I havent touched any when everyone was having a feast! So when I came back home I was craving something sweet, so the best thing i could do is just eat 99 dark lindt which is almost 0 carbs. But a lot of calories. Yes, I do shoot for specific calories, I wanted it to be under 200o. May be this week I will be better. I do need to stick with my original plan though, it makes it really easy to stay withing calorie count and be accountabel for calories eaten!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vadim,
Enjoyed hearing about the Russian foods. Seems like you actually did pretty well for a holiday. I know when I got the rolls out of the oven, I almost had one of those "forget the whole diet for today" decision moments. It's tough when all this yummy stuff is sitting right there in front of you.
My daughter is learning Russian and has been to Russia. She was in Siberia, Moscow, St. Petersburg-can't remember the rest.
Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Harry said...

Good day to you, Vadim.

You know, I really want to commend you for your discipline. It sounds like there was a lot of temptations and you stood strong and resisted! Good for you!

I tried something new out, this morning, that NewVision had suggested. It tasted just fine and I think it seemed to tame my hunger monster.

I added a tablespoon of coconut oil to my morning drink (you know the one). And, it did seem to help.

So, this got me thinking ... when you crave something sweet, you often go for dark chocolate. What if you get yourself some pure cocoa (which is generally higher in protein and fiber - per serving - than the bars) but lower in fat. To that, you could add some coconut oil. Maybe, just maybe, that would satisfy your sweet tooth and moderate your hunger?

Just a thought. It would also be substantially lower in calories.

Vadim said...

Harry, I will try your suggestion as soon as possible. I am off to Trader Joe tomorrow morning to buy cocoa and coconut oil! I will let you know how it goes. I do crave something sweet right after meals especially if I had a stressed out event!Lynn, I am far from being disciplined. I totally went off my plan except first day may be. I am still struggling a lot to keep my emotional eating in check!