Friday, November 21, 2008

5 plus one and only plan!

I am excited to start posting my menu for all who want to see it. The reason I called it 5 plus one and only plan is simple: I will go on a 5 meal replacement whey protein shakes along with one and only whole meal which would be low carb. So that meal would be my free ticket to enjoy whatever I feel eating for that day. But the rule is simple: 1) It has to be one whole meal only and 2) it has to be low carb! All whey protein shakes would be relatively low carb, each under 10 carbs!



Erika said...

Looking forward to it!


Vadim said...

Me too, thanks!

Jimmy Moore said...

Vadim, GO GET 'EM, buddy!!!

Vadim said...

Thanks, lol!

Erika said...

My favorite saying " If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

What a great saying! One of my favourites is: "If nothing changes, nothing changes". :)

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read Atkins first and find out what to eat.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I apologize I see you have read Atkins. I suggest you read it again.

The Vitamin Tutor said...

Best of luck, Vadim!

I commend you for taking this challenge and I'll look forward to seeing your menus.

I'll be back!

Kind regards,


Vadim said...

No offense, but annonymous? Anyway, thank you guys. Mr or Miss Annonymous, I have a minor in nutrition, read every single Atkins book, listened to his CDs and very much familiar with Dear Dr Atkins! Actually Veronika and I come form same town. Ok, I dont understand why you recommend I read Atkins> I have an idea, but would rahter hear it from you. But I will explain why I chose to go on a diet which will be almost whey protein. May be it will be more clear then. Anyway, thanks for commenting and come back again. There is nothning that I like more than a healthy, productive debate. so if you still disagree after I will have explained why I am doing what I am doing, come back and we will talk more. In arguments, truth is born!