Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday menus continues!

I visited my mom today and was qutie stressed out! But there is no better stress relief then coming home and letting Mom treat you like you are still a little kid! And she always feeds me. She made me my favorite snack and low carb too, yes Mom is a low carber as well! Ok it is called an " Eggplant Paste" She boils eggplants, whole, i think, then roasts them in the oven. Takes them out, puts them throght the meat grinder. Then she mixes the paste with tomatoes, garlic, pepper, salt and lemon and a bit of parsly. The whole paste gets dressed in a very fresh first cold pressed olive oil. Then she sautees La Tortilla wraps and somehow makes them very crunchy, that one is still a secret, i guess Mom wants me to keep coming back. Ok, here is a twist. Then she spreads the paste onto the very crunchy wrap with a little of world famous Arkhangelskya black caviar and a touch of ice cream. I just went to Heaven! Dr Mike, you should try it, to die for! I dont know if you love caviar, but I do, and know quite a lot about it. I buy it through a local store in NYC and it costs $225 a pound but boy it is good! once I treated my ex grfriend who was jamaican to a Russian sandwitch of fresh bread ( back in the days) with butter and black caviar. Check this out, she thought it wasnt enouph and spread almost the whole can of the caviar on the bread, whci cost about 75 a can. I wouldnt be mad, but then she said it is ok, nothing special, jerk chicken is better! Hah, I guess it is! And no, that is not the reason she became my ex, but memories, or memories!

2 pm-
plate of world best eggplant paste, made by Mom= approximately 300 calories

8 oz low carb milk ( Countdown reduced carb milk )=40 cal

1 scoop of protein whey isolate low carb= 110 cal=1 carb

6 pm
2 turkey burgers and 6 oz eggplant paste with 2 tablespoon almond butter= 800 calories

8 pm-
2 turkey burgers with 6 oz eggplant paste with 2 tablespon almond butter= 800 calories

12 pm

3 eggs cooked in butter with 2 tablesppon almond butter= 600 calories

Total calories= 3100 calories
Carbs= 80 grams

I kind of started with less then desired meal and ended it with less then desired everything, including carb and calorie count. I swayed off the course and 5 plus one and only one had become less then 5 and many ones and none of them only plan! I ALSO LEARNED HOW HARD IT IS TO KEEP TRACK OF MENUS EVEY DAY, AND BE HONEST AND ACCURATE ABOUT IT! SO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL PLAN AND NO MORE TEMPTATIONS! I DID UNDERESTIMATE ALMOND BUTTER CALORIES AND GROSSLY UNDERESTIMATED MOMS EGGPLANT PASTE CALORIES, AMOUNT AND CARB COUNTS. BUT LESSON LEARNED, LESSON REPEATED AND LESSON REINFORCED!


Harry said...

That eggplant dish sounds tasty, Vadim.

Let us know when we should be over! Ha ha. ;-)

Vadim said...

its all gone, it was really good. I kind of swayed off my original 5 plus one plan, but doing ok so far, havent had a bad set back yet. i will keep on on keeping on!

Erika said...

Well at least you have the insight to see where the errors are and work on a plan forward :)

... oh... and we've all been there too *gulp* at one time or another.

Harry said...

I think this a good example of how these menu-blogs can really help us.

They help us not only to be more accountable to ourselves. But, they also assist us to try and be more objective about what we're actually eating. Going by memory can be a dangerous path.

I commend you for your honesty, Vadim. That is going to help you make great strides in your own personal growth. And, it will help your readers to follow suit.

Right now, I'm feeling hungry. I don't know if it's a justifiable hunger or a psychological sensation.

All I know is that I'm going to go to sleep instead of eating some more. I've had enough for today ... in more ways than one!

See you tomorrow!

Vadim said...

Thank you, Erika and Harry! Harry, I would like to express my gratitude to you for commneting and very detailed and valuable input! I keep learning new, old lessons. I will have to start sticking to the plan closer. Even vegetable paste can tackle on calories and carbs if not properly measured or counted for. At times I do underestimate my caloric intake. Therefore I decided initially to go with a stricker version of low carb protein shake plan. It is very convenient, easy to keep calories count and relatively inexpensive, yet it is not as easy as I thought. But it is doable, and I will do it!