Friday, November 21, 2008

I am daring to change it once and for all! I can not stand to see my fat cells telling me what to eat! Low carb menus my way! Here we go!

I have tried evey single diet imaginable on this earth, until one day I woke up being paralized from overanalizing! I couldnt deal it with any more. All these diets, all these experts, all that information, and I am all in that familiar shape, fat, yes, fat and not fit! So what was up with that? What was up is that I listened and read wrong people until one day I stumbled upon a guy whos name didnt ring a bell or said anything. That guy was Jimmy Moore. I started listening to all his wonderful podcast shows and realized low carb was a way to go! I knew quite a lot about lowcarb, both from Dr Atkins books and Dr Eades. I knew it well, and I had a minor in nutrition in college too. But I was always skeptical about low carbs, after all it could lead to artery clogging, importance and cognitive deteriation. Oh wow, I said, importance? No way to low carb! I could deal with heart attack, but pardon my Russian, importance was way too hard to swallow! So low carb became high carb, and high carb became high insulin, and high insulin became low sugar and low sugar became......... Oh no, importance. So I said to myself, can it be that I was wrong and it wasnt a low carb that could lead to the importnce, but the high carb? And back I went to Atkins books, Eades books and Jimmy Moore podcast! So here I am blogging about low carb and attempting to post a low carb menu if anyone is intrested. I had my share of successes and failures with low carb, but one thing I know for sure it works!!!!!! I lost weight on low carb and gained it back when I got off of it. And now I have been pretty much stuck on the same weight for about 3 months. I couldnt give up sugary condments, after all thats what my grandmother fed me when I cried in my younger age. I did give up smoking rather effortlessly, but couldnt give up sugary tasting low carb treats. It was my comfort blanket, my emotional pillow, my best friend in those moments. And it was always available, always! But today I am daring to declare to the world, and those two people who will read my blog, I am going to embark on a low carb protein shake diet for the next 6 weeks. I will call it 5 plus one and only meal plan! 5 meal replacement protein shakes( low carb with some mixes berries) and one and only hard food meal( low carb meal!) and that is the plan. I am ready to start tomorrow and I will loose or sorry release the fat from my fat cells. So buckle up fat celles, I am taking you for some exciting ride! Look to your left fat cells, look to your right fat cells, because at the end of my journey you will loose your buddies! Look at them for the final time and said good bye! The rest of you I keep for all thsoe long, cold NY nights! Tomorrow! Yesterday seemed so far away!


Jimmy Moore said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Vadim! Your blog is gonna be GREAT! :)

Vadim said...

I am not sure, but i am very open minded, and will give it a try. Thanks for doing it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the smoking/sugar treats. I quit smoking so easy, but quiting the sugar was hard.

P.S. I am reading all of your blog posts right now!