Friday, December 19, 2008

Brain constipation or how I managed to eat nuts and gain 5 pounds in one day!

Ok people listen up! Nuts are excellent and healthy little guys! But can they be detrimental, you betta! But thats not what I wanted to talk with you about. Today was a nutritional tsunami kind of days, and it drove my demons dancing and celebrating! My demons totally took over, and then invited my weaknesses to the party. Soon after they had a baby called out of control behavior. And I ate the wrong nuts! I used to frequent russian grocery store thats a block away from where I live and is open 24 hours, talk about convenience! I finish work at 12 am and would go right into that store and bought bunch of garbage crap and eat it smoking a cigarette. That was my ritual for a while, smoking a cigarettes while eating famous russian stuffed nuts! Then I stopped smoking, then stopped eating russian stuffed nuts! I used to call that store a nutritional whore house! Today I revisited that store for the first time in almost a year, and yes I stuffed myself on famous russian stuffed nuts! Those nuts are basically crumble cookie made in a shape of walnut and in between two halves is filled with peanut butter paste. It is unbeleivable, both in taste and for one's waste. So here the formula whatever is good for taste is horrible for waste! Or whats fun russian is a death sentence for another human! So I am not even going to log what I ate , I will just list general food! But i dont feel guilty, whats the point. I could stop the insanity, i chose not to, I am still and addict, I sucked today and my behaviour was out of control, preriod, end o story, we are moving on! Tomorrow I am declaring another challenge! Without going into lots of details, i got really upset about this girl named fibergirl straight out accusing Jimmy of posting his dying brother's oictures for the whole world to see so he could make a dollar! I will not even honor those comments, i did though on pooti website on her straight talk blog. But not today. i dont know Jimmy well at all, i dont know Kevin that good but I felt strong connection to Kevin while Jimmy was describing every day that Kevin was fighting for his life! Kevin lived his life according to Kevin and thats the way it was! He is gone now but his memories and legacies will go on I am sure. So Kevin bro, I know you are out there in Universe listening and probably lauphing at me, but I will go on and do at least 7 days of pure liquid high quality combined whey and coconut shakes and few nuts a day diet. i couldnt do it for me, but I am doing it now to remember you. Call me nuts people, but I live and diet my way, period! Kevin every time I drink a shake I will raise my bottle, shake it up and drink up trying to remember your karaoke with Jimmy and those moments where you looked so happy and full of life! Sleep well bro and its shame that people needed to use your name to getunder Jimmy's skin. There is such thing as class which obviously is a foreign concept to some! I prey to have strength to not fall again, but if I do I know you will forgive me! But I hope I wont! And just in case anyone wondering I am not doing it for any money, praise or recognition! its a true heart call! Just a disclaimer!

Today I ate, not in any particular order: 2 packages of russell stover sugar-free chocolate nuts, plate of rice and macaroni and cheese, 6 russsian nuts, plate of Philipian food, dont know what it was, except I found some strange animal's body parts, oh well; two ice creams and other junk of the lowest nutritional order.

All scorning, analysis, advice and name calling is encouraged. I promise not to get mad. I am my own harshest critic. I deserve some hard asswhooping. Until we meet AGAIN, GOOD NIGHT AND BE WELL!


Harry said...


Doing it in Kevin's memory is a-okay with me.

But, you asked for an "asswhooping" and you're going to get a can of whoop-ass from me.

I don't want to blog about having to do a challenge in your honor. Get it? We don't want a memory of Vadim. We want you to stick around, a long time.

None of us know when our bodies will eventually say, "Enough is enough". I honestly didn't know how much longer my body would put up with my abuse. And, even now that I'm pretty much on program, I know I still may not be "out of woods". My past my haunt me yet. But, at least I'm trying to make amends.

Use whatever motivation moves you. I'm all for it. You're an eccentric and you march to the beat of your own drummer. That's a wonderful thing.

Just remember that you are at least as important as the memory of anyone who's passed.

I say: Do this challenge or the next one FOR VADIM. You deserve it. :)

Vadim said...

Harry as always you speak nothing but the wisdom. I am not trying to patronize you, but I have grown to become a good character evaluator. Nutrition, sports and psychologu were always my passion, along with spiritual sudies. You do remind me of a eprfect Dao te Ching teacher. Your thoughts flow, your wiseness radiates, and you geniune care speaks for itself. I alwas appreciate your comment, always look forward to reading them, thanks!

NewVision said...

My friend, I'm wondering what I can say to you to help you.

A "7 days of pure liquid high quality combined whey and coconut shakes and few nuts a day diet." You said that your last try, was your last try.

Vadim, how about just doing Low Carb with me. Forget about the shakes. You have tried the Liquid shakes. You KNOW they DO NOT work for you. Listen to your body. Please rethink your plan. I think its really cool that you want to do it Kevin's memory. But lets be real about it and about what works for you.

You know I love ya and want the best for you. I think you can do this, but you have to be willing to learn from your slip ups.
I think you keep slipping up 1) because maybe their is something in the shakes that is causing cravings. or 2) maybe your not getting enough nutrition or vitamins with JUST the shakes. What ever the reason, it DID NOT work.
Love ya Man...Hope you think this through.

P.S. How you gonna have pizza at my house in week or so if your only eating shakes and nuts??...LOL

Anonymous said...

Besides the fact that nuts are high carb and the same as crack cocaine (:, they will rip a hole in your colon. They are not a healthy food. Have you read the Fiber Menace ? Check it out.
Keep at it, you will get it.

Vadim said...

Newvision I thank you so much for your comment. I really do appreciate your comment, your concern and your care.Trully do! I have been know to exhibit self-destructive behavior for many reasons. This year has been chalenging emotionally wise. I still havent found serious girl, and feel like its not going to happen any time soon. I broke up with m ex who I dated for 4 years. I tried to reboung and dated many girls, but nothing serious. At least I kept my nonsmoking habit for 18 month now! Annonymous I know Konstantin Monastyrsky personally, I have been in his house. i was the one who got Jimmy to interview him, even though Konstantin did it reluctanly. He aslo has a local radio show on Russian radio station. He is indeed a smart guy, bu let me telly you I disagree with him on so many things. I know for a fact that I know as much or even more than konstanitn when it comes to nutrition. I have to disagree respectfully with both Konstantin and you that nuts are not healthy food. My best doctor is my body, it will let me know if something is not good for me. I have been eating nuts since I was a verry littel boy. I recently had boht endo and colonoscopy done. i had a completely clean bill of health gastrointestinally wise, with no visible inflammation or polyps. Look the way walnuts are shaped. Anything that looks like brain cant not be healthy for you. I have my brain, my body, my opinion. And yes I did read fiber menace! And I will keep insisting that nuts are the healthiest food on earth. Dr Sears did research on them and quite extensive and I take his expertise quite seriously. Thank you nthough for your comment!

Erika said...

Hi Vadim,

Do you think you could make those Russian stuffed biscuits at home? It's a sweet biscuit with peanut butter in the centre. Is that right?

Vadim, how about just doing Low Carb with me
NewVision, is that offer open to all? I'm getting an idea... we could maybe plan a day a week together (or as a group) of food and just follow that day.

Well, it's an idea anyway.

Have a good one all!

Vadim said...

Erika, I will do it with you, hopefully starting new year. Those nuts are shaped exactly like walnuts, they are made of some kind crumbled pastry, i donbt know how though.

Lora said...

Hello, Vadim!

You should not try to be Atlas and take the whole world on your shoulders. Jimmy with all he's gone through over the past few years has managed to stay on top of his blog, his website, and his eating with all that life brings him good and bad. I think he watches Joel Osteen. Mr. Osteen is a very positive man, the same way Jimmy is, now matter what life throws at him.

I'm not going to scold you on your eating. You are a big boy and know full well that eating badly and going on crazy crash diets can do to your body. Try eating low-carb food. It tastes good!

Lora :)

NewVision said...

My name is Jo (not made up but it is shortened)

I'm not sure how the group thing would work as everyone is doing something different. But Hey I'm game. Count me in.....

Vadim said...

Jo is good, thanks! Newvision alarm! Newvision is now Jo AKA newvision! I like it much better and its more sexy too! Lora glad you had time to pop in. And you can scold me, I do it to myself! I havent been behaving lately, so I need to figure out how to get back on track. Lora its not that I dont know what to do, I just dont do it! Why, I must get to the bottom of my soul and start changing from inside out!

bayoubabe said...

We all have "OFF" days, ... I'm glad you were able to see the humorous side of it, People can be cruel at times, we just have to set them straight, dont we ?

I'm starting to get some critics asking me (in person) now, just how low will I let my weight go ?

Well < I still have a lot to loose (being vertically challenged does NOT help). So while I may LOOK like I've lost more than 20, I probably can stand to loose a bit more.

((( Hugs))) to ya. TOmorrow is another day. Take care


Vadim said...

Thanks babyubabe!

Harry said...


I'm awaiting your next post. When's it coming? I think we all need our Vadim-fix for the day. Can't you hook a brother up? :)

I think posting can and should be a helpful tool for you. Please don't stop.

Let's get this show on the road! Show us, and more importantly yourself, what you can do! There's so much potential in you that's left hidden! I just know it!

Vadim said...

Thanks Harry! I am a bit under the weather. I didnt do well on Saturday, as a matter of fact just let it go. Today I am back on low carb regimen and my body is rebelling a bit. I did consume more calories and low carb fruit then necessary but still hanging in ther. Tomorrow I will start my shakes one week challenge. That hopefully be it with challenges. I do need to get back to what worked before and that was free style low carb meals without planning, counting or challenge. And it did work to perfection. I think with Holiday season and many days off, I am getting bored. Plus no girlfriend for the first time to share vocation with, so I start to feel a bit depressed and lonely. I am not in a fighting spirit yet, but I know I will be ready to go tomorrow. Plus my Jets are losing, that doesnt make feel any better! But thank you for encouraging words!

Erika said...

Tomorrow I will start my shakes one week challenge. That hopefully be it with challenges. I do need to get back to what worked before and that was free style low carb meals without planning, counting or challenge. And it did work to perfection.

So why are you doing what DOESN'T work for you, rather than what DOES?

Vadim said...

Erika, that seems to be a simple question you asked, yet it is a complicated one. I am doing it now for Kevin, as funny as it sounds. This guys's name was dragged throughout blogs by idiots to prove a crazy point that Jimmy was using his last days photos to make money. I just want to be able to do what I tried so many times. Protein shakes worked me too, I lost weight on ot. It was the discipline I was lacking to finish it. Many believe you cant win a war with hunger, i am one of them. But you can win a war with your demons. I am at a quite low point of my life, self-esteem wise. And I am desperately looking to change my ways, from inside out. I need to be able to accomplish goals that are very realistic in nature. If I dont, it makes me subconsciously weak and bothers my conscious world. I haven had a good night sleeep over few month now and I even went to see a psychologist. She thinks that my competitive and stubborn nature is playing tricks on me. She said I am not as young as I was and waht worked before is not working now. i know all of it and am trying to change it. i guess it isnt that easy. But a promise is a promise, I was supposed to stop challenging.But this one I just want to do for someone else. As crazy as it might sound I just want to do it because I felt ashamed about few people, women, mind you being so cynical and inhumane. Kevin might have not done everyhting right, but from what I undestand he was a good, caring guy and this challenge , only a week short one is in his good name! After that back to regular low carb meals. I hope Erika it does answer your question. Thank you fro stopping by.

NewVision said...

Hope your feeling better Vadim.
Looking forward to your next post.