Saturday, December 6, 2008


OK, today wasnt my proudest day accomplishment wise. I woke up feeling better, but still only managed to get 4 hours of sleep. I knew it was going to be a busy day! I spent at least an hour going over my mistakes and contemplating what to do next. First, I went back and tried to remember what strategy worked best for me in the past! And then it hit me! I know why this particular challenge was a failure from a get go! By nature I cant stand anything that restricts my nature or my body. I always hated ties, button up shirts, and all kinds of jewelry! Few weeks ago one girl made a joke about my inability to keep or wear jewelry! I said to her that I couldnt stand wearing anything on my body and that I always had touph time keeping anything jewelry or not on it! She sarkastically lloked at me and said " No wonder you cant keep a girlfriend either "! I thought, and thought and thought! And there it was, an answer staring me right in my stubborn face! Low carb Atkins style diet! That was the diet that best suited me! I lost so much on it and the reason for that was that I didnt try to restrict either amount of food ( low carb ) or calories. And the genious of high fat, low carb lifestyle is that by not restricting calories and being able to eat liberally, calories were restricted naturally. Even when I was a very young boy it did work that way! I have and always be very observant and curious! And my mom knew it. So if she didnt want me to do something, she would just allow me to do it anyway in unlimitted amount. And eventually I would just lose intrest and stop doing it. But the more people limitted me, the more rebelous I would become and resist it! So my answer is not to restrict but allow! And by allowing I do restrict! Thats it, thats simple and yet so genious! So I am changing my plan! I will still finish the challenge but now with few changes! I will only make it two weeks! Thats more then enouph. I will not limit the amount of shakes I can drink. It will be all I want protein shakes to keep me satisfied, instead of 5. One meal will still remain intact! So those are the changes! I will go on though with this challenge until I concur this bull! There is no way in hell I am giving ip ! I must go on, and on I am going! And after two weekd it is back to Atkins brand of food. Liberal amount of high fat, moderate protein and low carb meals! But not unitl I finish this animal first.

Saying all that I forgot to post my meals today. It was a horrible day nutritionally! I knew it was going to be. It was my nephew Bday and I promised myself to let myself go today. I needed it! I kind of compromised with my demons today. But tomorrow its back to battlegrounds again. There will only be one winner, one king standing and hopefully it is me and not my demons! I feel strong again, I have got my new weapons and ready and willing to go on! Let the show begin!\

!0 am-
2 russel stove sugar free chocolate covered almonds= 760 calories

6 pm-
My nephew Bday
I ate high carb junk , first tiem in a long time now. I ate at least 4 or 5 pieces of home made cake.

8 pm-
Hagen dauz ice cream bar

10 pm-
1 cup of cottage cheese



Anonymous said...

WOW Look at that enthusiasm! You get on with your bad self!

Vadim said...

Sadekat, lol, those who know me better dont pay attention to me on those days! You know scientists proved it allready that men go through some kind of symptoms similar to PMS that women go through. Especially, oh never mind...if I go into it, I wont be able to stop typing. And I am gemini, so I have at least two twins and one of them is indeed evil. So for me its always a struggle to keep a nice balace of heart and head, or bad and good twins! Sadekat gracios for your conitnoud support. It is very much appreciated!

Harry said...


I don't mean to throw a monkey wrench into this new strategy but ... if you really think that a pure Atkins meal plan is the right approach for you ... then why go through a 14 day challenge of something other than that?

In other words, you're challenging yourself to live a lifestyle that you think/know doesn't work well with your personality.

Do you see the point I'm trying to make?

If it's not clear, allow me to offer an analogy.

Let's say you're trying to find a long-term relationship.

So, you set up a challenge that has you going to nightclubs for 6 out of 7 nights a week. The seventh night, you plan on meeting a gal from a reputable matching service.

After trying this for awhile, you realize that nightclubs just aren't exposing you to the type of gals you'd like to settle down with. As far as the matching service goes, you determine that you think it's a good method for you to meet a serious minded woman.

Given this example, would it make any sense to keep on nightclubbing for another two-weeks anyway? Or, would it be a better plan to focus your attention where you're likely to find someone you're actually looking for?

I hope you see my point. I'm very sleepy so I'm not sure if this'll all make sense tomorrow morning!

Whatever you try, I'll be rooting for your success.

Vadim said...

Harry,it does make sense to a point! I will go on Atkins style of eating, after all thats what worked for me. But just to have a peace of mind I must finish this challenge. It is a psychological battle. And the plan isnt all that bad. Even Dr Eades totally approved it and said that two weeks of all protein shakes and one whole meal will do good. I started it and I want to finish it. I did make consessions along the way. It snot like I am totally a mull, lol. But there were too many things in my life that I started and never saw them through. Just for that reason I want to be able to complete it. Atkins module of eating is a lifestyle for me to come, its a maraphone but this two weeks is just a sprint! A sprint to where you ask? May be just a boost in my confidence, so I can say I did it and now it is time to move on to one plan that works for me long term and will stay there for life. Did it make any sence, I am tired too now! Thank Harry for your constructive inputs as always!

Harry said...

Fair enough, Mr. V.

Take this challenge down! Complete it so you can get ready to take on the marathon next! :)

I'm confident you will come out victorious in both endeavors!

Keep the faith.

Vadim said...

Thank you Harry! You are da man!